Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Please Indulge a Proud Father

As some of you may know, my seven-year-old son, Sam, has been getting a lot of attention lately.

For a couple of years, Sam has been picking up trash on his way to school in an effort to make our town cleaner. After a letter to the editor in our local paper in which he urged others to treat the earth better, Sam hit the radar screen of Paul Feiner, Supervisor of the town of Greenburgh (of which Ardsley is a part).

On Wednesday, March 9, Sam will be sworn in as Assistant Supervisor Against Litter for Greenburgh and, because of the accompanying press release from Mr. Feiner's office, our son has become a media darling.

Here's Sam in the
Yonkers Tribune.

And he was interviewed yesterday by WCBS radio in New York City. Have a

We've always been proud of our son, but are feeling especially good lately. In fact, at a political party last week, I was introduced once simply as "Sam Geiger's Dad". That's just fine with me.

And now back to our regular programming!